The name ‘In the Green’ draws from the business phrases “in the black” and “in the red” and the most recognizable symbol of sustainability, the color green. When a company is “in the black,” it is at the break-even point or higher; when a company is “in the red,” it is encountering losses. We chose to name ourselves In the Green because companies often profit from “going green,” or adopting more sustainable practices. Our name neatly embodies our mission as a business sustainability club to share ways that better people, planet, & profit.

Our logo, a sequence of wings growing upward and outward from red to black to green, illustrates our mission and echoes the sentiments in our name. The growth of the wings as they approach green symbolizes the constant growth a company achieves as they continue to make sustainable choices. The word “attainable” in our motto, “Attainable Business Sustainability,” points to our belief that efforts toward sustainability should be feasible and produce meaningful outcomes.


It has been a little over a year since In the Green was founded in January 2019. Since then, we have strived to define how we could best empower students to promote sustainable, responsible business. We’ve held general seminars on particular aspects of sustainable business, with a team member or guest speaker presenting. We’ve hosted an event highlighting the importance of diversity in the workplace, featuring speakers from the Womxn’s Hub, Disability Services Center, and LGBTQ Resource Center. We’ve teamed up with ASUCI and the Sustainability Resource Center to co-host and co-plan the 2019 Fall Sustainival. We’ve secured funding for UCI Facilities Management to install compost and recycling bins and dumpsters for the Paul Merage School of Business, as well as additional funding for five BigBelly compost bins on Ring Road. 

Over the last year, we have debated over the best actionable focus for In the Green: student consulting for sustainable business, internship programs, education campaigns, etc. But we realized we needed not a particular program, but rather a cohesive, unifying theme—giving our programs structure and interrelation while simultaneously providing the flexibility to do more.

Now, we are beginning an exciting new chapter with our focus on Certified B Corporations. Rigorously audited, holistically sustainable, and respected by the business community, Certified B Corporations exemplify sustainable business. Thus, I’m excited to announce our recent partnership with B Local Orange County, a nonprofit-to-be composed of representatives from Orange County Certified B Corporation dedicated to empowering, promoting, and growing the local Certified B Corporation movement. This partnership will allow us to connect students to real businesses through a variety of our initiatives, events, and projects, like our recent launch with In the Green Stories.

Lastly, and most importantly, none of this would be possible without the dedication of everyone at In the Green. We are a close-knit team of students, thinkers, creators, programmers, designers, writers, organizers, communicators, and leaders, studying Biology, Business Economics, Philosophy, Informatics, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, and, of course, Business Administration, and it is my hope that every school eventually has a representative. There were several stressful periods where our programs were unsuccessful and the direction of the organization uncertain. But, our members persisted and rose to meet those challenges with the successes we have made, and to that, I have nothing but respect, gratitude, and pride.

I’m thrilled for what the next year has to offer.

Carpe diem,
Christopher Pantayatiwong Liu
President, In the Green