Why Business Sustainability?

  • Everything is a business!
  • Businesses have the greatest net effect on people and the planet.
    • 100 businesses cause 71% of total greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Businesses shouldn’t make it hard for consumers by making them weigh their satisfaction against living more sustainably.

Our Vision

The name ‘In The Green’ refers to the business phrases “in the black” and “in the red” and the most recognizable symbol of sustainability, the color green. When a company is “in the black,” it is at the break-even point or higher; when a company is “in the red,” it is encountering losses. We chose to name ourselves In The Green because companies often profit from “going green,” or adopting more sustainable practices. Our name neatly embodies our mission as a business sustainability club to share ways that better people, planet, & profit.

In The Green‘s Logo

Our logo, a sequence of wings growing upward and outward from red to black to green, illustrates our mission and echoes the sentiments in our name. The growth of the wings as they approach green symbolizes the constant growth a company achieves as they continue to make sustainable choices. The word “attainable” in our motto, “Attainable Business Sustainability,” points to our belief that efforts toward sustainability should be feasible and produce meaningful outcomes.

Our Mission

To empower students to achieve real and responsible business solutions that are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

Our mission statement draws from the concept of the triple bottom line, in which businesses strive to act such that it furthers social equity, environmental stewardship, and economic prosperity in order to achieve sustainability. We emphasize “real and responsible” solutions that generate tangible, ethical results.

The Triple Bottom Line (source)

Our Board

Julie Lim

Julie is a fourth-year Business Administration major who is interested in “making businesses less evil,” music management, personal finance, and podcasts. As President, Julie’s vision of more socially, environmentally, and economically just businesses helped create In The Green.

Programs Director
Chris Liu

Chris is a first-year Materials Science Engineering major who enjoys learning “random stuff,” being outdoors, reading, and playing the guitar. As Programs Director, Chris primarily plans the topics discussed in each general meeting.

External Relations Director
Soo Bin Cho

Soo Bin is a first-year Philosophy major who likes to do creative writing, garden, and listen to music in her free time. As External Relations Director, Soo Bin communicates with outside contacts to grow our network and facilitates invitations for guests to share their knowledge and insight at general meetings.

Finance Director
Justin Chen

Justin is a first-year Business Administration major whose passions are “making things efficient,” journalism, and basketball. As Finance Director, Justin maintains the budget for In The Green, keeping track of expenses and reaching out to other organizations for donations and grants.

Communications and Marketing Director
Kailey Ogawa-Monroe

Kailey is a first-year Business Administration major who takes pleasure in “figuring out how to solve problems,” cooking, and hiking. As Communications and Marketing Director, Kailey manages In The Green‘s website and social media accounts, designs visuals, and writes the newsletter.

Our Plans

Winter Quarter: Learning Phase

  • Case study discussions
  • Guest speakers
  • Form Program Committees by topic
    • Eg.: plastic, education, racial inequity, etc

Spring Quarter: Action Phase

  • Meet with program committees
  • Create business solutions
  • Contact and consult businesses


  • Case Study Competition
  • Business Sustainability Symposium
  • Sustainable Company Showcase
  • Sponsorships
  • And More!