How to Join

Intern applications for the 2022-2023 school year are now open — apply here! Interns will work under the guidance of one of our VPs on a team (Marketing, Publications, Business, or Programming & Event Planning) and can be expected to meet once a week. More details are found in the application form.

We’re excited that you’ve expressed interest — to stay up to date, follow us on Instagram, join us on CampusGroups, and subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

We look forward to connecting with you!

— In the Green Board

Other FAQs

What is In the Green?
In the Green is a business sustainability club at UCI. For our vision and a note from our president, visit our About page. 

What does “In the Green” mean?
“In the Green” is a play on words on the business expressions “in the black” (breaking even or making profit) and “in the red” (experiencing losses). Because we’re an organization focusing on sustainability and the environment, we’re in the green!

Do you have general meetings?
We do not host general meetings, but we do organize events (such as guest speaker panels, gardening activities, and fundraisers) that are open to everyone. To stay informed about upcoming events, follow us on Instagram and sign up for our weekly newsletter

What kind of events do you do?
In the past, we’ve hosted guest speaker events with entrepreneurs in the sustainability sector, succulent pot decorating activities, and sustainability-themed scavenger hunts. Information about upcoming events is posted on our Instagram and our newsletters.